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Sampling equipment does not need to be expensive

18th April 2024

… especially when it concerns sampling for (soil) pore water.

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When inches and millimetres matter

18th March 2024

Despite being of an age when we learned metric alongside imperial, I find it difficult to do the mental gymnastics to convert a foot into centimetres. The grey cells are totally overwhelmed when I’m...

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Are you SLA-ing?

17th November 2023

Have you been SLA-ing?

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Why do Bees Build Hexagons?

23rd September 2021

Mathematician Thomas Hales explains the Honeycomb Conjecture in the context of bees. Hales proved that the hexagon tiling (hexagonal honeycomb) is the most efficient way to maximise area whilst minimising...

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Coming of Age

20th April 2021

Van Walt has just celebrated its 40th birthday.  It’s a milestone but one which came and went with little fanfare. Not because it’s unimportant but because we continue working to the core values that...

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Castles in the Sand

3rd October 2019

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