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Research Grade Soil Solution Sampling

Micro Rhizon

Micro Rhizon

Small diameter, 2.5 mm.

Low dead volume, 0.5 ml.

No ion-exchange properties.

Available as complete system

Competitively priced

Macro Rhizon

Macro Rhizon

Consists of 9 cm porous material with a 4.5 mm diameter outside, strengthened by a glass fiber epoxy

Sampling is done with a syringe

Yield in water is about 10 ml/min.

The yield in wet soil is typically 7 ml in 0.1 - 2 hours, depending on soil properties.

Acceptable pH: 3 - 12, also depends on the corrosive properties of the soil solution.

Life expectation > 6 months

Can extract soil solution from depth > 10 m.

Can be extended using PVC pipe.