Project Overview

Project Gotham: Almeria, Jordan & Lebanon

The Requirement

To implement a paradigm change in groundwater management in the Mediterranean by predicting the availability and demand for water resources as well as their impact on the sustainability of groundwater bodies. The initiative, part of the European PRIMA programme, is being carried out in western Almería (Spain) and will eventually be replicated in Jordan and Lebanon. The group of stakeholders involved, plan to develop and validate a digital tool that allows for the efficient management of groundwater in terms of quantity and quality of this strategic resource. The project is led by Cetaqua Andalucia, a model of public-private partnership. View a write-up by Cetaqua Andalucia here.

Our Solution

Good data always starts with a reliable, accurate sensors. Van Walt installed and commissioned a Data Collection system comprising of a mixture of DataHubs and DataSlaves and sensors to measure level, conductivity and temperature, some at depths beyond 300 metres. The equipment will withstand extremes of temperature across the seasons, as well as accurately and reliable reporting every 15 minutes on the smallest changes in groundwater levels and EC in some very deep monitoring wells. The data is now streaming in and progress is underway on the modelling.