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Water Chestnuts - Issue 10

Soil stability made easy

That's exactly what our wet sieving apparatus does – it makes the process of investigating soil erosion and loss or stability, very easy and straightforward. And we’ve been hiding the real benefits of this equipment for too long!

Soil loss is one of the most important, yet probably least known, of todays environmental problems.

Understanding what causes soil erosion and the stability of a soil is important for anyone involved in farming, horticulture, land conservation, building and environmental research. The structure of a soil has a major influence on water and air movement, biological activity, root growth and seedling emergence so establishing aggregate stability is vital to understanding the ability of a soil to withstand water, wind and tillage erosion.

Obtaining this information used to be difficult, expensive and time consuming but with our wet sieving apparatus aggregate stability is determined on the principle that unstable aggregates will break down more easily than stable aggregates when immersed in water.

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