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Latest Newsletter - Issue 12

Working with our customers to make sure you get exactly what you need

Previously the customer was using a pump with a float mechanism but it didn’t pump down low enough and got clogged up with suspended sediment.  In response Tom and Vincent put their heads together to come up with the right equipment, and then they got in the car, drove to Wales, fitted the equipment and checked it did what it needed to – solve our customer’s problem.

We suggested a controller and Total Fluid Pump – Reclaimer.  This is a positive air displacement pump with a pneumatic controller system designed for purging, developing and remediating aggressive down-well environments.

This was only tested last month but proved very successful.  However, to ensure this is a long term solution we have specified a new pump, following the principles of the tested system but  one designed to fit precisely the needs of this customer on this site – a Van Walt bespoke solution.

“I have to confess I love it when one of our customers has a problem like this, obviously not because they’ve got a problem, but because it gives me an opportunity to ‘play’ with our equipment, try new things and experiment,” says Tom.  “What’s even better is when it works – fingers crossed this new pump does what it needs to – you never know there could be applications for this at landfills all over the UK.”

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