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Latest Newsletter - Issue 11

In the field – Sellafield

Recently Vincent and Ikky were on site, well nearly, with the Sampling & Environmental Team at Sellafield. Due to security the training had to take place just outside of the site in the car park. And, in true Cumbrian fashion the weather was bad – cold and wet – not ideal conditions to train the team on their Percussion Drilling Set.

It wasn’t just the weather that was against the Van Walt team. Sellafield had purchased their Percussion Drilling Set earlier in the year, had received training and already used the kit to take samples on the site. Unfortunately they had experienced some problems using the equipment and Vincent and Ikky were on site to try to sort these and to deliver further training to other members of the team.

“The two days we spent on site were challenging to say the least,” said Ikky. “It just goes to show that however much you prepare, whatever parts and spares you have with you – you never have the right screwdriver. And, the weather is completely out of your control.

” Vincent confirmed: “Its always easier when things go right but when things do go wrong or, more importantly our customer is not getting the best from our equipment, we know we have to do everything we can to make sure they are completely satisfied. And if that means being on site, in the rain, then that’s what we have to do!”

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