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Latest News - Issue 6

What's New?

  • Total Fluids Pump - Auto Reclaimer

    A completely self-contained pneumatic pump that operates independently of a controller and is designed to pump floating hydrocarbons, leachate and condensate in liquids as it will withstand highly corrosive sites such as landfills and mines.

  • The MRZB

    A fully hydraulic micro-drilling rig with adjustable all-terrain caterpillar tracks, high impact Lifton hammer and 21 ton lift extruder. This rig will fit through the average door and is easily transportable in a transit-sized van. It has been designed specifically for sampling and testing for geotechnical and environmental analysis.

  • GeoSub 12 Volt Impeller Pump

    A powerful environmental sampling pump capable of sampling to 20 metres depth with a high grade large diameter flex to carry the correct voltage so that no expensive, high energy demand power booster is required - unlike some competitive pumps.

  • Stainless Steel GeoSub DC Impeller

    A submersible pump which utilises safe DC voltage and can pump to 60 metres with a flow rate, steplessly controlled, from a dribble for low sampling to an impressive 13 litres per minute

  • Trime Pico Soil Moisture Sensor

    A state-of-the-art soil moisture sensor with integrated TDR electronics capable of achieving the highest accuracy for scientific work but available at a price comparable to inferior capacitance based alternatives.

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