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Latest Newsletter - Issue 6


Jonathan Hawkins who recently joined Van Walt from Classic Showers Ltd is part of our growing rental team. With excellent product knowledge developed in-house and from onsite training with our suppliers; Jonathan is on hand to provide technical support for customers as well as being responsible for product maintenance, calibration and cleaning.

It is Jonathan’s job to ensure your rental equipment arrives on time and gives you out-of-the-box performance. Jonathan says: "I've been on a steep learning curve but the intensive training received and then handling the equipment day-in and day-out has really given me an excellent understanding of when, where and how things work. Now I can’t wait to put the theory into practice – bring on those calls!"

So, with even more products in the fleet, many of which are available from 'express' rental periods to 'however long you need it' and even more people to answer your queries, provide training or troubleshoot on site, there has never been a better time to try Van Walt's rental option. For more information call on 01428 661660 or email at

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