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Water Chestnuts - Issue 8

From landscape to laboratory and back again - Geoarcheaology 2009

We recently attended the Geoarchaeology 2009 conference at Sheffield University where we were privileged to meet delegates from as far a field as Al-Qadusuta University, Iraq to geography, archaeology and environmental sciences departments in some of our finest British universities. We also sat in on lectures from Professor Iain Stewart, Professor of Geosciences Communication, School of Earth, Ocean & Environmental Sciences University of Plymouth on "Seismic Faults and Sacred Sanctuaries - cultural responses to earthquakes in Antiquity" and Professor Mauro Cremaschi of the Earth Sciences Department, University of Milan on "Land use and water management from the Copper to the Bronze ages in the Po Plain (Northern Italy): a geoarchaeological approach".

Whilst at the conference we were able to show-off some of our research equipment including: a percussion drilling set, augers and samplers.

Many of the delegates were already known to us but many were new faces. It was great to catch-up with so many old friends, to find out what projects they've worked on and what's currently in the pipeline. There's no doubt our subject area is receiving greater media coverage with series like: Earth, the Power of the Planet on the BBC and events like Geoarchaeology 2009 can only help improve the profile of our work - long may it continue.

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