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Latest Newsletter - Issue 21

Van Walt sponsors PhD student – Rory Flood

This research will use multi-proxy geochemical techniques for the analysis of sedimentation in the Sunderbans. Analysis of granulometry and lithostratigraphy of sediment cores will be combined with geochemical datasets obtained using; XRD, AAS, mineral magnetics, stable and radiogenic isotope analysis. These analyses should provide some insight into the rates and origins of sediment in this region and how sediment has responded to both natural and anthropogenic forcing over the course of the late Holocene. Sediment cores are captured using Van Walt’s Stitz corer and percussion drilling system.

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Photos by Satish Kumar & Vincent van Walt

Understanding the provenance and rates of sedimentation in the Sunderbans may facilitate in the modeling of sedimentation for this region and how the transport, deposition and reworking of sediment is to change in future scenarios of mean sea-level rise and cyclonic events in this region.

We will be following Rory and the team’s progress and we’re delighted to be able to share with you Rory’s first posting from the field.

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