When it comes to buying a property the old adage: location, location, location – still holds true. Imagine if you were lucky enough to get on the London property ladder in the 1980s, what would your flat or house be worth in today’s market? For Van Walt: location, location, location has entirely different connotations.

One day in mid December I was at 1000 metres, wishing I’d not declined the offer of sunscreen. A few weeks later I’m basking in the just over zero degree drizzle at a prison in Gloucestershire.  It is probably useful to define that December in New Zealand is very much on the cusp of summer and its South Island provides wall to wall Kodak moments. At this time of the year the heady scent from the rivers of lupins is mind blowingly powerful. In contrast,the prison compound is really no place for an enthusiastic photographer. Yet the goal of finding myself at each of these two places, within a week or two, was the same: the installation and commissioning of vanwaltCONNECT systems.  In Cardrona so that the owners of the ski resort can comply with water abstraction regulations and in Gloucestershire to make sure that archaeology under the prison’s exercise yard is preserved.

We have installations across the world, from New Zealand to Somalia, Sudan, Spain, Turkey and the UK and sometimes I wonder if our telemetry systems are the only common factor in the sea of different cultures. But the people are usually the same. Professional, dedicated, competent and always immensely helpful.

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