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More than just another telemetry modem...



More than just another telemetry system...

vanwaltCONNECT is a versatile, accurate data transfer system that takes water parameter readings from a sensor(s) on-site and delivers them to your desktop, tablet or mobile. Data that could protect property, life and deliver substantial cost savings.

Available to work with sensors which can give 'mm' accuracy this information can be used to make crucial decisions to protect, manage, inform or alert people, property and places.

Working with our range of high accuracy sensors and loggers vanwaltCONNECT can measure parameters such as:

  • Water level
  • Conductivity
  • pH
  • ORP
  • DO
  • Turbidity
  • Temperature
  • Floating Hydrocarbon
  • And more!

vanwaltCONNECT is evolving continuously with new features under development to make it easier to tailor every vanwaltCONNECT system to your individual project requirements. Developed in-house by the Van Walt team and predominantly aimed at groundwater and surface water applications, asset management and property care, we have built up our capacity to bring you essential information safely, securely, immediately and cost effectively - wherever you are in the world.

vanwaltCONNECT can provide vital data to protect people, property and place – at a cost far less than the consequences of not taking action.


  • Accurate
  • Cost effective
  • Consequences of not taking preventative action as a result of timely data far outweighs the cost of the system
  • Flexible parameter alarms by email or SMS messaging directly from the sensor
  • Control relays which means you can switch devices on and off remotely
  • Can link control relays to alarms
  • Easy to install: Trained Van Walt staff can help or carry out full installation
  • Alarms via email or SMS texting
  • Sensor settings, alarms and upload times can be managed and changed from any web browser using our online user friendly interface or by SMS
  • Up to 30 sensors can be attached to each modem
  • Long battery life to ensure little maintenance
  • Solar power option available
  • Full operative training
  • Simple pricing structure
  • Secure data storage
  • Data forwarding to your own server
  • Data presented in .csv table or graph formats
  • Cost effective
  • Flexible for use with different sensors
  • Developed, supplied and installed by Van Walt
  • Measures and transmits a range of water parameters
  • Robust and vandal resistant housing
  • Easy to use web interface to view or download the data
  • User friendly web based software – minimal training required
  • Grant permission to users to allowed access to data
  • Fully backed by the Van Walt technical team.


  • Flood risk monitoring
  • Property care and protection
  • Well, tank, tidal water level monitoring
  • Wetland monitoring & surveys
  • River, stream, reservoir gauging
  • Surface & storm water runoff monitoring
  • Resource administration
  • Saltwater intrusion monitoring & tracking
  • Agricultural runoff studies
  • Discharge monitoring
  • Single or multi well tracer testing
  • Brackish Water tracking
  • Tidal influence studies
  • Waste water treatment discharge tracing
  • Rain water reservoir monitoring
  • Refineries & tank farm safety monitoring
  • Tank roof rain water monitoring
  • Industrial plant waste water monitoring
  • Downstream checking of the oil separators in water treatment processes
  • Safety & environment monitoring in Petrol Filling Stations
  • Detecting & identifying pollutants in rivers, lakes, canals or marinas
  • Water table control pit monitoring
  • Water table channelling protection
  • Final outflow monitoring for groundwater remediation projects
  • Measuring a range of water quality parameters & level and more ...

The main distinguishing feature of vanwaltCONNECT from other similar systems, aside from competitive and transparent pricing, is the simplicity and intuitiveness of the web interface, the number of parameters the system can monitor, the control relays and alarm systems. vanwaltCONNECT is the ideal solution for:

  • County Councils
  • Railway maintenance
  • Asset & property management
  • River and canal trusts
  • Flood prevention and protection
  • Coastal monitoring
  • Hydrologists
  • Environmental Scientists
  • Sewage maintenance & monitoring
  • Waste water management
  • Motorway protection
  • Building managers
  • Transport network planners
  • Petrol forecourts & contaminates
  • Infrastructure management & development
  • Property security


  • Sensor (s)
  • Modem
  • Battery Pack
  • Enclosure
  • Antenna
  • SIM Card
  • Web Portal
  • Van Walt technical-know how.

vanwaltCONNECT Systems are currently operating in:

  • UK
  • New Zealand
  • Sudan
  • Somalia
  • Turkey
  • Africa

Confidence – Technology – Choice

Specifications: vanwaltCONNECT

Every vanwaltCONNECT installation is bespoke and unique to the customer's individual requirements. The components of the system have individual specifications, available on request and the specifications of the sensors can be found here.

Enclosure Dimensions (LxWxH) 300 x 250 x 140 mm
Mounting brackets Stainless steel
Power supply 10.8 V
Life time of the battery pack > 3 years, but depends on location & settings
Message mode Web portal, e-mail, SMS alarm
Frequency Range 890-960, 1710-1880
GSM 900 & 1800
SIM card Standard size *
Sensor port on Antenna 5-pin male connector
Pattern of Antenna Omni-directional
Alarms Up to 10 configurable alarms, SMS or email
Modbus Up to 30 configurable sensors
Web Interface Configurable GPRS & FTP details, local PC interfaces. Remote PC or Web application interface

* GPRS availability needs to be checked at the location so a SIM from an appropriate carrier can be specified.

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Introducing AquiStar sensors from INW

vanwaltCONNECT User Interface


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Hydro-Carbon Sensor


A fast acting leak detection solution for optimum safety and environmental protection.


  • Detects gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, crude oil, some heavier weight fuels and heating oils
  • Fast response to small amount of fuel
  • Early detection of fuel leaks and spills
  • Distinguishes hydrocarbons on a flat surface or in a sump
  • Very sensitive
  • Detects leaks before they damage the environment
  • Easily tested
  • Ignores water
  • Available in two lengths
  • Suitable for fixed installations or, fitted with a float assembly, if the water level is unpredictable
  • Resets for multiple uses
  • Cost effective solution for safety and environmental protection.

Specifications: Hydro-Carbon Sensor

Product Characteristics
External diameter 25.4 mm
Colour Orange
Tube material Polypropylene with static charge reduction additive
Leader cable 4 x 22 AWG, polyurethane jacketed, fuel resistant
Operating Environment Information
Operating/storage temperature –40°C to 85°C
Salt water immersion resistant 30 days in 3% salt water at 20°C without failure or degraded response
Hot water immersion resistant 30 days in 60°C water without failure or degraded response
Acid resistant 24 hours in 10% H2SO4 or 10% HNO3 without failure or degraded response
- Refineries and tank farm safety monitoring
- Tank's roof rain water monitoring
- Industrial plant waste water monitoring
- Downstream checking of the oil separators in water treatment processes
- Safety and environment monitoring in Petrol Filling Stations
- Detecting and identifying the polluters in rivers or marinas
- Water table control pit monitoring
- Water table channelling protection
- Rain water reservoirs monitoring
- Final outflow monitoring for groundwater remediation projects

Videos, Manuals & Downloads

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