Connection types and the Hex Quick Pin

4th May 2021

There are straight threads and there are tapered threads, some are metric, some are imperial and some are bespoke to a particular manufacturer or organisation; the pitch of the thread can be all over the place. Confused? You should be.

When I started selling hand augers some 40 years ago, the connections were all in British Gas Pipe Thread. At least there was consistency but that threaded connection really did not mix well with wet soil (in fact, no threaded connection does that very well).  If you didn’t clean and lubricate, the items would remain welded together and only a heat gun could solve your problem. Possibly.

So it was thought it would be a tremendous idea to add some more connection types to the buffet and so we got the rope thread, the bayonet sleeve and the metric conical threads to name but a few. Mostly the latter two have worked well.

The point of this story is that we had to make yet another choice and from 1st May, we will be standardising to the Hex Quick Pin connection. All our items in UK stock will have that connection type and we like it. A lot. Our partners in Idaho, USA have made this little video showing its simplicity and strength:

Video link:

 Vincent van Walt, April 2021

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