Undisturbed soil sampling

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Undisturbed Soil Sampling

Augers - simple & efficient

Soil Sampling - Hand Augers Liner Sampler Sets

Sets for collecting undisturbed samples for soil fertility, structure, volume weight, granular composition and technical determination in either soft or hard soils to a depth of 7m. The sample is collected and stored in a liner which can be sealed for transportation to the laboratory.

Soil Sampling - Hand Augers Split tube sampler for top layers

A 40cm set to collect undisturbed samples from the top layer. Ideal for research on root systems, fertiliser, chemical and soil biology.

Soil Sampling - Hand Augers Soil coring kit for chemical research

A sampling kit for the determination of volatiles as the sample is never exposed to air. The sample is undisturbed and remains in the stainless steel tube during extraction. Filling blocks and caps are added to each end of the coring tube to ensure no loss of volatiles, so sample can easily be transported to a laboratory for further analysis.

Soil Sampling - Hand Augers Soil sample ring kits

Sampling kits for the collection of undisturbed soil samples in rings for analysis in a laboratory. Different kits are available for soft through to very hard soils. Samples can be taken on the surface, in bore holes or in profile pits. The soil sample rings are made of seamless stainless steel tubes. The bottom of the ring has a cutting edge and the dimensions and therefore the volume of the soil collected is known exactly.

No-Loss Soil Corer

For the sampling of soils for the analysis of very volatile components such as benzene, toluene and chlorinated hydrocarbons we have introduced a new 'No-loss soil corer' to comply with new regulations and standards that have come into force (USA-EPA Guideline 5035a_r1) or are in (ISO) preparation.

Soil Column Cylinder Auger

For the collection of undisturbed soil samples of 100cm length and 90mm diameter, without digging a profile pit. The auger is mechanical hammered into the soil and extraction is very easy. The cylinder has a removable side cover for analysing or sub-sampling the soil column. Easily portable and simple to operate the Soil Column Cylinder Auger can be used in virtually any soil type, even between crops.