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Soil Core Samplers

Soil Sampling - Hand Augers Single and Extendable Gouges

Gouges are available in single units or a tailored set can be made using gouge auger heads, handles and extension rods to suit your specific soil sampling requirements.

Soil Sampling - Hand Augers Single Gouge Auger Sets

Single gouge auger sets are available for sampling in soft or hard soils to a depth of 1m.

Soil Sampling - Hand Augers Comprehensive Gouge Auger Sets

Gouge auger sets are available for sampling in soft or hard soils to a depth of 5m with a choice of bayonet or conical screw-thread connections.

Soil Sampling - Hand Augers Stepwise Sampling Set

A set for the determination of mineral nitrogens. With three gouges with different diameters there is no cross contamination of samples.

Soil Sampling - Hand Augers Arable Land Augers

Individual gouge augers to take samples from arable land for chemical analysis for fertiliser requirements.

Soil Sampling - Hand Augers Grass Plot Samplers

Special augers to take samples from grassland for chemical analysis.

Soil Sampling - Hand Augers Root Auger Set

An auger set for root system density and depth research to a depth of 2m. Virtually undisturbed samples from all types of soil with little disturbance when compared to digging a profile pit.

Soil Augering

Simple and efficient – don't ignore the usefulness of these hand tools

It's easy to be seduced by mechanical devices but we've found that a sample will often be retrieved more quickly and with less effort with the right hand auger if you remember the important principles: sample per layer, never mix your soil horizons and be sure to avoid the contamination of deeper layers. These tools are ideal for all types of soil research, for wind farms, for crop research and development, agronomy, mineral exploration and crop diversity. They are the tools for basic soil research around renewable energy and the low carbon sector.

The auger, in its many guises, is both simple and extremely efficient. This technology is not new: augers have been around for half a century but still have an indispensable role in environmental research both above and below the water table. So whether you need an 'Edelman' type of hand auger that is easy to use, surprisingly effective, quick, light and cheap or a gouge or liner sampler for undisturbed samples, or perhaps a percussive window or windowless sampler, Van Walt can help you decide and ensure you have what you need.

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