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Remediation Equipment

Geosorb Kits

- are designed to recover hydrocarbons only, not the water.

The system consists of a stainless steel screened cage assembly and a product selective absorbent.

The system is lowered down the well where it passively absorbs free product.

86650003 » Geosorb absorbent sock, Ø 38mm, length 91cm, packed 12

86650002 » Geosorb Screened assembly, Ø 44mm, length 91cm

86650006 » Geosorb absorbent sock, Ø 76mm, length 91cm, packed 12

86650005 » Geosorb Screened assembly, Ø 93mm, length 91cm

Passive Skimmer

- have been designed for product only (LNAPL) recovery applications.

The passive skimmer has an Oileophilic Hydrophobic filter for collecting and storing the hydrocarbon in a built-in reservoir for further manual transfer to a tank.

86650307 » PRC passive skimmer, Ø <50mm, 125mL capacity, with 7.5m cable

86650303 » As above, 250mL capacity

86650304 » As above, 500mL capacity

86650301 » As above, 1 L capacity

Active Skimmer – SpOILer

- is a "controllerless" recovery system for removing hydrocarbon layers from 51mm and larger wells and sumps.

86600003 » Keck SpOILer Active Skimmer

56600009 » GeoTFSO Tank Full Shut off

ORS Filter Bucket

- is an independently floating passive hydrocarbon skimmer that is equipped with a visual alarm to indicate when the bucket is full.

1040001 » ORS filter bucket with visual alarm, 100 mesh (blue)

1040002 » As above, 60 mesh (green)

1040002 » Cartridge assembly 100 mesh

2040003 » Cartridge assembly 60 mesh

Rental of Environmental Equipment

If you are in the UK or New Zealand renting equipment is a smart choice

Our rental equipment fleet includes pumps, water quality meters, samplers, PIDs and remediation equipment. It is probably the largest, with the widest selection of groundwater monitoring and environmental monitoring equipment to hire, in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand.

Every piece of equipment is field-proven, robust, reliable, accurate and stable. We do everything we can to ensure it reaches you on time and ready to go: clean, calibrated, quality checked, charged and working accurately.

We include 'quick start guides' to keep you on track and when the equipment is returned we check it again to ensure the quality and accuracy of your results are reliable. We back this up with a very detailed procedure controlled equipment audit where copies of any reports are forwarded to you to verify your research results.

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