Pocket Penetrometer

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Designed to determine the penetration resistance of top layers, samples in the field and the laboratory with an immediate readout of the penetration resistance.
As the instrument is pushed into the ground the pin encounters a force which compresses a spring and a slip ring is taken along during this operation, which shows on the scale the maximum force that has been encountered. The scale has been calibrated in such a way that the penetration resistance can be read on it immediately.

  • Flat cone allows for shallow measurements
  • Allows indicative measurements on samples
  • Robust steel design
  • Measuring range 0.5 MPa.

Pocket Penetrometer Applications

  • Soil profile description and classification

Pocket Penetrometer Specifications

Angle of cone
Cone surface range 0.3165 cm²
Maximum force 500 @ 0.3165 cm² kPa
Maximum measuring depth 1cm
Measured parameters Penetration resistance
Measuring range 0…500 kPa
Product material Stainless steel, iron, PVC, other material
Reading accuracy 3%
Registration type Manaul
Package size 18 x 4 x 3cm
Weight 0.32kg
Included? Yes - supplied as a complete set

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