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An easy to use, lightweight electronic penetrometer for storing and processing 1000 measurements of the resistance to penetration of the soil.
Using various cones connected to probing rods, the cone is pushed slowly and regularly into the soil. The depth reference plate, which is on the soil surface, reflects the signals of the ultrasonic sensor, which results in a very accurate depth measurement. The depth reference plate is also used to reflect the signals which are used to control the penetration speed. The measured resistance to penetration and the GPS coordinates are stored in the internal logger of the pentrologger.

  • Ergonomic design, easy to use, light weight
  • Splash-water proof
  • Large measurement range (0-10MPa)
  • Accurate (resolution 0.1 kPa)
  • Accurate depth registration measured by ultrasound
  • Possibility of adjustment
  • Easy and flexible programming of the field work that can be executed
  • Data is presented graphically or numerically for further data processing
  • Built in high accuracy GPS helps find locations time and again
  • No mechanical parts, strong and reliable
  • Numerous different projects can be defined
  • Projects can be selected at any moment
  • Velocity indicator stimulates correct pushing
  • Field and office programmable / read-out
  • Will show averages and spreading.

Penetrologger Applications
The penetrologger can be applied in the agricultural and civil engineering sector...

  • General soil science research
  • Foundations
  • Checking suitability of a soil for agricultural
  • Research into (expected) growing conditions for plants
  • The detection of compacted (possibly impermeable) sub-soil layers
  • Research into poor growing conditions
  • Checking artificially-made compactions
  • Checking the suitability of soils for carrying vehicles or pedestrians.

Penetrologger Specifications

Angle of cone 60°
Battery life time 8 hours
Cone surface range 1, 2, 3.3, 5 cm²
Connection Screwthread
Data output .txt, other
Data plug type RS232
Data storage capacity 1500
Data transfer Cable
International protection rating 54
Maximum applicable pressure 10000 kPa
Maximum operating temperature 50°
Measured parameters Penetration resistance
Measuring accuracy < ± 1%
Measuring range 0…10000 kPa
Minimum operating temperature
Power supply Battery
Product material Stainless steel, iron, PVC, other material
Programming possibility Yes
Reading accuracy 0.1%
Registration type Logging
Package size 60 x 30 x 24 cm
Weight 15.5 kg
Included? Yes - sold as a complete set, including aluminium carrying case

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