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The Penetrologger CBR is the latest addition to the Penetrologger family.
It directly measures the mechanical strength of soil, natural ground, subgrades and basecourses using a standard California Bearing Ratio (CBR) cone. CBR is the basis for determining the thickness of soil and aggregate layers used in the design of roads and airfields. The test is performed by measuring the pressure required to achieve an equal penetration on a standard crushed rock material.

  • CBR measurement result evaluation
  • User-friendly and easy operation
  • Accurate measurement principle
  • Display background lighting
  • GPS
  • Field bag
  • Compact design, detachable handles
  • Battery compartment for 2 types Lithium batteries
  • Administrator / user rights configurable operational accessibility
  • Ultrasonic depth measurement
  • Non reflective colour design
  • Data file export ie. Excel
  • Excellent price : quality-functionality ratio
  • Nato stock number 6635-12-384-3267
  • Developed in cooperation with Bundeswehr

Penetrologger CBR Applications

Evaluation of the mechanical strength of:

  • Road subgrades and basecourses
  • Landing strips
  • Pavement bearing

User Groups:

  • Geotechnical engineers
  • Military
  • Civil

Penetrologger CBR Specifications

Temperature -10 to +70°
Relative humidity 0…100% RH
Temperature shock 50°C
Dimension bag 30 x 25 x 15 cm
Total weight 5.5kg
IP classification IP 54
Diameter 0.5 inch (1.27cm)
Angle 30°
Surface 0.2 inch² (1.27cm²)
Penetration depth 0 - 70cm
Resolution 1cm
Penetration speed 1 - 5cm/sec
Force 0 - 15% CBR (0 - 700N)
Force resolution 0.1% CBR
Accuracy 2% (re-calibration when error > 5%)
GPS accuracy 2m CEP Circular Error Probable
3.5m SEP Spherical Error Probable (Egnos compensated)
CEP, 50% 24 Hours static, -130 dBm (type µBlox LEA-6H)
Display LCD monochrome green / black
Background light LED intensity and contrast adjustable
Power supply Battery pack Lithium SEM52 8.4V or BH8AA 12V
Battery operational life > 600 measurements
Memory 1500 penetration measurements
Leveling Water level (libelle)
Soil moisture Optional sensor available
Calculation CBR Average value of depth range specified by user
Software language English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch
P.C. connection RS232 / USB

The CBR test is described in ML CRD-C 654-95, ASTM Standards D1883-05 (for laboratory-prepared samples) and D4429 (for soils in-situ), and AASHTO T193. The correlation between field test and laboratory test is describes in TRRL-Report 901.

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