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A mechanical, scientific instrument for the determination of the penetration resistance of the ground.
A graph is drawn on weather-proof plasticised paper which can be re-used to show trends with continuous measurement up to 80cm. Ideal for measuring disturbed layers and the effect of compaction on different soils.

  • Self-recording of continuous measurements plotted on a chart
  • Clearly shows disturbed layers
  • Will prove compaction situation
  • Weather proof charts
  • One-push measurement
  • Ideal for contractors and agronomists
  • Weather-proof body

Penetrograph Applications

  • Geotechnical soil research
  • Trafficability or load bearing capacity research

Penetrograph Specifications

Angle of cone 60°
Cone surface range 1, 2, 3.3, 5 cm²
Maximum force 5000 @ 1 cm² kPa
Maximum measuring depth 0.8m
Measured parameters Penetration resistance
Measuring accuracy < ± 4%
Measuring range 0…5000 kPa
Product material Stainless steel, iron, other material
Reading accuracy 2%
Registration type Manual
Package size 117 x 29 x 233 cm
Weight 15kg
Included? Yes - sold as a complete set, including aluminium carrying case

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