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Water Chestnuts - Issue 10

It’s all part of the service...

If you have bought equipment from us – site visits. More and more we are working with our customers to ensure that when you purchase a piece of equipment from us you get the skills, techniques, tips and expertise to use it immediately and effectively. That means for some of our specialist equipment like TDR soil moisture measuring systems, micro-drilling rigs and percussion drilling sets, part of the sales package includes onsite training and equipment familiarisation.

This area of our business is important and we believe what makes us unique in our industry. In the last few weeks members of Van Walt have been on site in Warwickshire, Peterborough, Hull, Swindon, Leeds, Leicester and Gravesend.

One site we visited recently was in Glastonbury with Louise Jones and Professor Martin Bell of the University of Reading who are working with English Heritage to establish what impact the soil conditions are having on the long term sustainability of this historic site.

In true Glastonbury fashion (just like the festival) when you put a group of people together at a beautiful location - you guessed it – the result - lots of mud!

The equipment on site was our TDR tube probe for soil moisture measurements. Louise and her team will establish the true moisture content of the soil on the site by taking accurate readings at different points around the site and an analysis of the results will assist in the planning of the next phase of the preservation of the site.

To read more about this and other site visits we have established a new section on our website – 'in the field'. Click here to read about this and other visits.

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