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Latest Newsletter - Issue 18

The all new Snap Sampler gets snapped up!

In addition the Snap Sampler is ideal if you want to sample from depths exceeding 100 metres or more because the trigger on the Snap Sampler allows sampling at virtually any depth. The device is also ideal if you need to monitor a well at multi-levels, a technique becoming more necessary as detail-oriented analyses and remedies are required as your data can be collected without the expense of installing additional wells.

Because of the consistency of the Snap Sampling approach the equipment is ideal if you need a dependable collection method in order to track data trends.

We recently installed a system at a petrol station in Copenhagen with URS Nordic. The equipment was brought to site in a car, no pumps, controllers or meters were required and we are just awaiting the results from the laboratory. Other leading environmental consultants have shown a keen interest in the equipment and we have a specification out for one of the UK’s leading universities to see if they can incorporate the Snap Sampler in a research project of sampling at specific depths in boreholes.

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