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Water Chestnuts - Issue 9

Van Walt's products make it onto TV – well nearly!

Recently the Channel 5 series – 'Megastructures' featured the elaborate and dangerous demolition of four obsolete cooling towers at the Sellafield power plant. A family-run company from America with specialist expertise in demolition had been selected to dismantle the 90m-high towers. The team planted 4,000 sticks of dynamite in such a way that the structures didn't hit nearby buildings when they collapsed.

And how is Van Walt part of this? Well our equipment is being used by the Land Quality Operations Team at Sellafield who are responsible for the remediation and monitoring of the entire site for future developments and operations.

In addition, members of this team, headed by Simon Spencer, have undergone environmental training with Van Walt to help them better risk assess and project manage their groundwater monitoring and remediation work.

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