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Latest Newsletter - Issue 11

QRA – Report from the University of Manchester on this year’s event

This year’s symposium was hosted jointly by the Schools of Environment and Development (SED) and Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences (SEAES), at The University of Manchester. The QRA postgraduate symposium aims to bring together students from the UK and abroad to discuss and present cutting edge research across the breadth of Quaternary Science in a professional yet relaxed environment. This year's event was dominated by postgraduates in their first year of study, and offered an ideal opportunity to gain advice and support from those further into their research.

The three day symposium began with a field excursion lead by Dr Jeffrey Blackford to two sites, Lindow Moss and Dingle Bank Quarry/Oakwood Pit near Chelford, both in north Cheshire just a few miles south of Manchester. Lindow Moss has become famous as the find site of Lindow Man, one of the finest UK examples of preserved bog bodies. Dingle Bank Quarry/Oakwood Pit were chosen by Dr Blackford as they were visited by the first ever field meeting of the Quaternary Field Study Group (now the QRA) in 1964, and offer excellent exposures of Quaternary sediments. All delegates enjoyed getting their hands stuck into the exercises assigned, which included peat coring using Russian and wide gauge corers and sediment logging of peat exposures.

The final two days of the conference provided an opportunity for delegates to present their research during the sessions throughout each day or as part of the poster session on the Thursday evening. The 29 oral presentations focused on a diverse range of subjects from palaeoarchaeology to glacial environments. Each presentation generated numerous questions and suggestions, especially to researchers in the infancy of their PhDs. The poster session offered a more relaxed discussion and comparison of projects, with many of the delegates making new contacts throughout the event.

We finished the conference at one of the north-west’s best restaurants, Choice Bar and Restaurant in the Castlefield canal area of Manchester. This was a perfect and sociable end to what had been a very successful symposium. Many postgraduates had left with new friends and contacts and a fresh approach to their research!

The QRA postgraduate symposium team would like to say a very big thank you to Van Walt for sponsoring the event. It was also funded by Quaternary Research Association and The University of Manchester. All our sponsors have provided the next generation of researchers with the opportunity to present their research and develop British and international research connections.

A very big thank you from Rose, Debs & Rajasmita The Manchester QRA postgraduate symposium team

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