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Latest News - Issue 6

What is the real cost of the new Climate Law?

The Climate Change Bill could potentially cost taxpayers far more than it repays in benefits and figures from various websites suggest a worst case scenario which puts a net cost of £10,000 on each UK household. But this is just one side of the debate because the Government has told us that the costs of not acting on climate change would be higher than the costs of acting now – so what are we to believe?

This new law has now been passed and the question Van Walt would like to ask is: does the Bill represent value for money?

Apparently we’re not the only ones! On the BBC's Green Room pages the debate is underway as to how realistic are the Government’s figures and is the new law good value for taxpayers?

The Climate Change Bill set targets of reducing emissions by 26% from 1990 levels by 2020, and by 80% by

This is designed to be "legally enforceable". But take note - the bill "will not punish ministers if they fail to achieve these targets"!

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