Dear Customer

Summer is here at last!

We're certainly not complaining about the weather but know how uncomfortable it can be on site if there's no shade, so keep cool!

Here's a brief update on what's new, improved or changed at Van Walt over the last few months I hope you find it useful. Please don't forget to keep checking our website we are improving it all the time. If you think we are 'missing a trick' please don't hesitate to let me know.

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Vincent van Walt

Logo Previewing at a PC near you our new equipment films


Much of our equipment is very specialised, technical in application and vital that it is operating accurately.  On every item you get from us – whether rental or sales - we take care to ensure we have given you everything you need to get started and use the equipment successfully.  That’s why we’ve gone into video production!


Logo Introducing the Van Walt Forums


For all you netheads, bloggers, techies or customers who just want to know a bit more about our equipment; we’ve taken the plunge and added a “Forums” facility to our website.

We have set up several categories, each relating to a particular sector of users. For the moment the Diver Technical Forum is up and running with more than 40 participants signed-up and we have threads on using Divers in Artesian Wells, some technical information on the installation of Diver Office and the drivers for Divergate under a Windows 8 platform.


Logo Environmental standards governing the analysis of metals on site


According to the current European and ISO standards, groundwater which is to be analysed for metals should be filtered onsite with a 0.45 micron filter. At Van Walt we can supply three types:

1. Disc filter 20 cm2 - suitable for very clean water
2. Medium filter 350 cm2 - suitable for medium dirty water
3. High capacity 700 cm2 filter - suitable for dirty water


Logo Diver performance checks & personalised CTD calibration


Just a reminder that we do offer performance checks on the full Diver range and now we can also offer the calibration of CTD Divers for specific range requirements for individual projects provided these fall within the specified range of that particular Diver. Calibrating a CTD to the specific range you are monitoring will deliver even more accurate results.


Logo Versatile and tough the SS Geosub has many benefits


Available to rent or buy the SS Geosub is a versatile single stage, stainless steel pump designed to operate even in the harshest well conditions. The SS Geosub Pump operates with the SS Geosub Controller and can be powered by a compact EU1000 suitcase generator. Equally effective for purging as well as low flow sampling, with a flow range from 13 litres per minute to a trickle, the SS Geosub is a good replacement for an MP1 pump for sampling from depths up to 50m and, importantly, it is tolerant of fine sediments and can be run dry.


Logo Sponsoring the QRA


Van Walt is delighted to be supporting this year’s QRA Postgraduate Symposium 2013 at Southampton University in August. The QRA (Quaternary Research Association) is a research organisation interested in the last 2.6 million years of Earth's history (the Quaternary) – also known as the ‘Ice Age’! The event is an opportunity for young researchers to meet fellow students in this field to create friendships and contacts for the future. In addition there will discussions on career paths and insights into a career in academia.