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Latest Newsletter - Issue 20

Passive or no purge sampling

We are keen to promote this technique and have added a significant amount of information on our website to explain the principle of passive sampling in more detail, including a presentation recently delivered to the Scottish Contaminated Land Forum on this topic.

Specifically on the benefits of the Snap Sampler we have added a document on a demonstration/validation project with the Snap Sampler device for the US Department of Defence (DoD) which documents the substantial cost savings that were achieved and the accuracy of the results obtained.

Throughout this trial the Snap Sampler was found to be relatively easy to use and provided lower sampling costs than low-flow sampling techniques largely due to the reduced sampling time needed to collect samples.

More background reading is also available including a paper titled ‘A Downhole Passive Sampling System To Avoid Bias and Error from Groundwater Sample Handling’ and a further presentation on improving sampling consistency.  If no purge or passive sampling is on your radar visit our passive sampling page for more information.

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