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Latest Newsletter - Issue 14

Have you considered a Dedicated Sampling System?

Consider the cost of routine equipment blanks, decontamination time, wear and tear on your equipment to decide if a Dedicated Sampling System is right for you.


  • Install in 10 minutes or less. Systems are cut to length, pre-assembled and individually packaged, for easy installation
  • Less disturbance to well conditions means less purge time in low flow sampling
  • More representative data without the risk of cross contamination
  • Saves time - no need to decontaminate since you are not moving pumps from well to well
  • Low flow sample rates
  • Choose from an electric or pneumatic pump system
  • Available for .75" or larger wells.

We can help you configure the precise system you need for your research by using the most appropriate elements from well caps, tubing (sizes and material), safety cables and pump options.

For more information and a detailed quote contact Tom on 01428 661 660 or

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