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LevelSCOUT Four Years On

4th June 2020

Jo’s School, Cape Town

19th April 2020

Van Walt SA (Pty) Limited

18th April 2020

Jaume Ampuy 1920-2019

14th December 2019

Travels with Tracey

9th December 2019

Castles in the Sand

3rd October 2019

Company Blog

Sometimes we have to blow our own trumpet!

When it’s cold, time is money and you need to get the job done before Christmas we need to remind you - Van Walt can help! Our rental equipment is convenient, cost effective and offers a choice so you...

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Passive Sampling Survey: Results

Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent passive sampling survey, your feedback has given us a much better understanding of the knowledge and perception of this sampling method in the groundwater...

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On trend for a simplified, accurate sampling process

In our industry every now and again something comes along and we should sit up and take notice. Telemetry that revolutionises and makes accessible remote monitoring sites; handheld water quality meters...

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Will we see you at the ‘Groundwater; Managing our Hidden Asset Conference’?

Have you secured your place at the must attend event of the year the: ‘Groundwater; Managing our Hidden Asset’ conference at the University of Birmingham on the 13th & 14th September, 2016. Organised...

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vanwaltCONNECT: building on success!

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

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LevelSCOUT – the future of water level monitoring

So far so good! Six months since we launched LevelSCOUTs hundreds have been sold and your reaction has been amazing – thank you. We are delighted you like the LevelSCOUT as much as we do.

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Van Walt’s radical pricing response to Brexit!

Mamma Mia! Where did I go wrong? I was only away for a fortnight’s holiday in lovely Umbria and I came back to chaos. Markets are down from Tokyo to New York to London, the Pound has plummeted, the New...

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What’s the point of telemetry?

The answer to that question is easy: data!

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Why our new lists are good for you

It's no secret that we love lists. Lists are comforting. They're simple. They provide instant gratification and purpose. They make us feel organised, give us a sense of progress and motivate us to make...

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