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Water Flow Flumes developed Van Walt Ireland

January 23, 2023

For anyone involved in Water Management you will know about flumes. A flume is used to quantify flow in open channels such as streams, field ditches and irrigation channels. Flumes are man made flow control structures with no moving parts and typically take the form of a chute or funnel through which flow can be determined.

At Van Walt we have been offering you flumes for some time but in response to growing demand we have now developed our own range. Our stainless steel RBC flumes are robust engineered structures designed to withstand the demands of long-term field deployment. We offer flumes in a range of sizes to suit flows to 145L/s and beyond. Further details regarding measurable flow ranges and other flume specifications are available on our website. Each flume comes with an integral stilling well specifically designed to accommodate our high accuracy surface water level sensors.

Designed and specified by Van Walt’s Irish team the flumes are built in the UK to meet all accredited environmental standards. At the design stage of an installation each flume is flow modelled with the use of computer modelling software to avoid the need for field calibration and flow rating.

When used in conjunction with our Data Collection telemetry systems, flow conditions within the channel are measured and reported continuously with data accessible via vanwaltCONNECT. The system measures water level within the flume at a predetermined frequency (typically 15 minutes) and automatically converts this to flow rate based on the design rating equation.

Our RBC flumes and telemetry systems are an ideal solution for temporary or permanent flow monitoring in remote locations such as peatlands, woodland or mountain environments where site access can be tricky!

We are proud to have supplied flumes across a variety of sectors for peat bog projects; monitoring outflows in mines, wetland restoration projects, ecology, managing water extraction for ski fields and many other of your interesting and innovative applications.

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