Introducing PlantCare for managing the level of moisture in soils

September 24, 2014

For better managed water resources and accurate soil moisture measurement Van Walt is delighted to introduce PlantCare’s revolutionary irrigation packages – a new type of soil moisture sensor system based on micro thermic measurement.

PlantCare is a Swiss company specialising in smart irrigation, field monitoring and soil moisture sensors for research, agriculture, horticulture and viticulture applications. Intelligent irrigation systems ensure demand based watering that makes the most efficient use of resources plus wireless soil moisture and temperature monitoring systems for larger areas. Accurate and reliable moisture data can be obtained even at a minimum depth of 5 cm.

PlantCare’s micro thermic measurement technology only measures ‘plant available water’, which is the most crucial parameter in terms of moisture analyses or irrigation scheduling. Any salt or fertiliser content in a soil will not distort PlantCare’s sensor readings and, because PlantCare measures temperature and moisture, only one sensor is required for both parameters.

The benefits of a PlantCare sensor:

Unique, smart irrigation technology that facilitates the efficient use of resources and eliminates waste

– Maintenance free

– Measurement of soil moisture levels and soil temperature at selectable intervals

– Quick reaction to changes in moisture levels with alarms if required

– Reliable results

– Results not affected by the salt or fertiliser content of a soil

– Precise recording time of measurements

– A USB interface for easy programming and data readout

– Weatherproof IP67 housing

– Can mix fertiliser through water & spread at the same time or send fertiliser first and rinse tubes during the irrigation.

Van Walt offers PlantCare’s Mini-Logger and Wireless Data Logger, as well as the ultimate solution for the smart irrigation of any kind of plants: The PlantControl CX. An extremely versatile, self-learning, intelligent irrigation system; an “install and forget” approach that fulfils virtually any soil moisture monitoring application. Your data is then displayed and analysed using PlantCare DataViewer Software that will also convert your results into a low/high air-temperature alarm-system with the automatic activation of countermeasures. All PlantCare’s products are field proven and already in operation all over the world.

See PlantCare in action, watch one of our four PlantCare films, even download data from our test system in the Van Walt garden – full instructions are in the film: PlantCare Data Viewer – it’s so easy to do!For more information visit




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