It’s the little things…

December 16, 2013

At this time of year it’s all about the little things – get them right and it means a lot!

So we come to the extremely little, but very useful Flap Gouge Auger.  Small in stature but extremely well designed for use in a variety of applications, the Flap Gouge Auger is for depth specific sampling in dry or wet firm material.

One of our favourite pieces of equipment because of its convenience and practicality, this small, slender auger is ideal for sampling in drums, tanks, bags, settling tanks and big bags as found on many construction sites. It is particularly applicable for sampling fine granular materials, grains and powders (< 3mm) but will also take a loose core sample from sludges, sediments and pastes to a depth of 2 meters.

Customers from the nuclear industry; research sites and tank maintenance contractors use the Flap Gouge Auger for taking samples, using the 25cm length with a volume of 47 ml sample, as representative for analysis when taken from a small container.

The Flap Gouge Auger comes as a standard set which consists of a stainless steel flap gouge auger, a top piece, extension rods and various accessories, the whole is transported in a solid carrying bag.

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