Although us mere citizens have not yet had sight of the results of the highly publicised Leveson Inquiry and the impact it will have on the press and freedom of speech in the UK, we can draw some comparisons with the use and maintenance of Water Quality Meters in the field. Tenuous I know but bear with me as I attempt to articulate my thoughts: like all reputable journalism anyone using a Water Quality Meter should check and check again to verify their findings and not automatically assume their accuracy without first undertaking the necessary groundwork – just like any worthwhile news reporter!

As John Burns, Journalist on the New York Times once said: “I have to be accurate; I don’t have to be impartial” – it is this thought that is close to our hearts here at Van Walt. Our YSI Water Quality Meters are accurate and reliable and have proved to be rugged and durable, so much so that we include a range in our rental fleet – testament to their true fieldwork credentials. But like any high specification instrument certain checks must be undertaken to maximise their efficiency and accuracy.

Firstly, like any good source the YSI meter needs to be nurtured and kept warm and dry. After all each meter is like a mini computer and you wouldn’t leave your iPad with all your precious source material in a cold, wet briefcase, in the boot of your car overnight and expect it to work next day – so why take that risk with your water quality meter?

Secondly, there is a myth that water quality meters only need calibrating once a year as part of an annual service – WRONG. We strongly recommend that calibration is done before any important batch of measurements, or as a minimum, a check against a “confidence” solution is made if the unit has been recently calibrated. That’s why we supply both calibration standards and confidence solutions with all our rental YSI’s and we always calibrate instruments as they leave our premises and on their return as an additional check that the instrument is performing within accepted parameters, that your data is accurate, we supply a calibration certificate to verify your results.

So without the need to be pushed by Leveson or any other authority we have put together information to help you get the most from your YSI Water Quality Meter including a short video on calibration, an Information Sheet and access to our YSI experts, call 01428 661 660.