Penetrologgers go viral!

February 23, 2012

We have been selling penetrologgers to measure the ground load-bearing capacity of soil for many years, particularly for agriculture, horticulture and rural engineering projects but all of a sudden demand for these instruments has gone viral! And much of this has come from large civil engineering projects like the UK pylon replacement project, airport runway maintenance and new rail tracks, including HS2 where they are looking at biodiversity, water resources, geology and the visual impact of the project together with the historic and built environment as well as the impact on the community in terms of noise, air quality, property and agriculture.

The resistance to penetration is a mechanical characteristic of soil that given a certain texture depends on changing parameters such as degree of humidity, density and the strength of the connection between mineral particles.

Our penetrologger is an electronic penetrometer with a built-in data logger for storage and processing of a great number of measurements. It consists of a force sensor, the logger, a probing log, a cone and an ultrasonic depth measurement system. Continuous measurements can be made with the penetrologger recording each layer of a ground profile up to 80cm.

All you really need to know is our penetrologgers are light-weight, easy to use having an ergonomic and field ready design. The instrument has a large measurement range, with accurate resolution and depth registration. Programming is easy and flexible and can be executed on a PC or on the instrument itself. It has a precise internal GPS system so you can determine the exact place of the measurement you are taking.

So if you doing general soil science like checking if a soil is suitable for growing; researching plant growing conditions in towns, inner cities as well as the countryside; detecting the compaction of sub-soils, checking artificial soil compactions or the suitability of a soil for carrying vehicles, pedestrians, animals or planes; examining foundations or even the ground conditions on the golf course – this is the instrument for you.

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