What is Window Sampling?

June 16, 2011

Window Sampling is a site investigation system that utilises portable drilling equipment to make small diameter boreholes in order to take soil samples and install monitoring wells.

The key word in this description is ‘portable’ as our Window Sampling system travels well.  The attached photograph shows Emma Tetlow drilling in Qatar on a project with Birmingham University archaeology department in collaboration with the Qatari Museums Authority.

Using remote sensing and geospatial modelling the team will be reconstructing the former onshore and offshore landscape environments in the State of Qatar by gathering and combining a range of geological, archaeological and remotely sensed data as well as 2D/3D seismic and bathymetric data collected offshore from the present sea-bed and already captured in the Gulf for the purposes of oil exploration.

This research will allow studies into the former landscape and the environments inhabited by early human settlers prior to 8,000 years ago when these landscapes were submerged by rising sea levels.

To see our window sampling system in action click here.

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