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The Benefits of our Window Sampling System



Van Walt Ltd has been supplying equipment for soil and water research for the past 30 years and some of our soil research equipment has proved to be very beneficial for companies involved in mineral exploration.

Window Sampling System

Van Walt Window Sampling materials have many features that make the system special:

Small & portable so can be transported to and from sites in an ordinary car or van. The samplers are driven into the soil with a percussion hammer such as the Atlas Copco Cobra TT.

Produced of steel and available in different diameters and lengths so are ideal for sampling up to 10 metres in depth in hard soils that may contain rubble, bricks or stones.

The RD 32 rope thread connection is very strong. The rope thread is in one piece so has no moving parts.

Maintenance free unlike the older type M-20 or M-22 threaded studs

Connection is by one-piece coupling sleeves.

Sampler top is hollow to maximise the percussive action. The top sections are manufactured as one piece and are pressed then welded onto the sampler for added strength.

Gouges are laser cut and shaped specifically to improve insertion speeds, making it the ideal system for repetitive sampling.

Cutting heads are manufactured of hardened steel and rigidly tested to withstand 30 minutes on reinforced concrete.

Uniquely designed window-less core sampler for undisturbed samples 100cm long in sleeve.

Samples are captured in an undisturbed way for on site profile evaluation.

Manufactured for strength but of a minimum thickness to ensure ease of application and minimum sample disturbance.

Foil Liner

To capture a profile in a liner there is a window-less sampler which uses a unique foil liner.

The foil liners are cheap, easy to store and transport and designed to make it easy to retrieve the sample, unlike the more expensive rigid PVC liners used on other systems.

Basic Auger Set

Our Basic Auger Set can be used for augerings in heterogeneous soils with several different auger types to cope with a variety of soils to depths of 7 meters.

General Auger Set

This comprehensive auger set is for exploration above the water table in all soils and below the water table in cohesive soils to a depth of 5 metres.