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Low Flow Groundwater Sampling

Low Flow or No Flow Sampling Solutions

Dedicated Bladder Pump

Our dedicated bladder pump is small, efficient and can be left in situ. These pumps are ideal for low flow groundwater sampling from depths of up to 60 metres because, when dedicated to a well, samples are not disturbed, the pump is left in situ so sampling is always done from the same location for high quality, repeatable results. This method can save set-up time, time to de-contaminate the equipment and produces better, more accurate results.

Peristaltic Pump (Advanced)


The Peristaltic Pump - Advanced is an electronic peristaltic pump with advanced memory option. This reliable and universal electronic peristaltic pump can create a perfect vacuum; it is a versatile pump for sampling and purging in shallow wells. Peristaltic Pumps are used for low flow sampling of groundwater; this pump is perfect for the attachment of an in-line filter, for use with a flow-through cell and multi parameter probes. Available with optional auto shut off to assist compliance with the latest standards and directives when low flow sampling in monitoring wells.


  • Reliable and easy to use and maintain
  • Splash proof for use in the field (IP64)
  • Built in maintenance free battery that runs between 2 and 5 hours depending on conditions & charging
  • Can pump product and water even if it contains sediment
  • Optional auto shut-off for draw-down control
  • Cheap disposable tubing - no chance of cross contamination.

Specifications: Peristaltic Pump Advanced

Technical specifications
Weight: 13kgs and is easy to transport
Power supply: Internal battery
Battery: 2 - 5 Hours depending on conditions and charging
Head lift of water: 9.5m
Voltage: 12 volt
Product material: Stainless steel, teflon
Flow rate: 2.2 Litres per minute

Videos, Manuals & Downloads

Low flow sampling with a Peristaltic Pump Video

Basic Operations Video


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HDPE Tubing

Both our Silicone peristaltic pump tubing and Polyethylene tubing are available in many diameters and lengths to fit all types of pump. It is hallmarked and carries our QA plus stamp.

Water Level Meter

Water Level or Dip Meters are used to measure water depth. They are available from stock in various lengths from 10 metres to 100 metres and longer lengths to order. Graduations are in cm increments and trigger a light and sound signal when immersed in water. Bottom sensors are also available to sound the depth of the well.

YSI Pro Plus Photo Gallery

YSI Pro Plus

The YSI Professional Plus handheld multiparameter water quality testing meter provides extreme flexibility for the measurement of a variety of combinations.

The new Quatro cable attached to the Pro Plus allows you to utilise 4-ports to measure temperature/conductivity, DO, and any two ISEs among pH, ORP, ammonium, chloride, or nitrate.

The Pro Plus instrument meets the demands of true field work. The instrument is rated to IP-67 standards even without the battery cover on. Other tough features include a -year warranty, Mil-spec connectors, rubber over moulded case, and a 2-year cable warranty. In-house testing procedures also include 1-meter drop tests from all angles to ensure expected field-durability.


Flow-through Cells are available for the YSI multi-parameter probe or with cut-outs for generic industry standard electrodes. They are normally used with peristaltic pumps.