Stainless Steel Bomb Sampler

A Stainless-Steel Bomb Sampler for the collection of liquid samples from the top, bottom or any level in tanks or bodies of water. Extensions can be added to sample above the sludge layer.

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  • Collection of water samples from every level in a body of water, even where sludge is present
  • Extensions available: 7.6 cm; 15 cm and 30.5 cm
  • Available as a single sampler or in a set
  • Can be deployed on nylon rope
  • Easy to use with a simple cable filling and closing mechanism to seal the sample
  • Collected sample is easily discharges into a suitable container

Stainless Steel Bomb Sampler Equipment Options:


  • Storage tanks
  • Tank cars
  • Ponds
  • Lagoons
  • Wells


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