Soil Characterisation Equipment

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Soil Characterisation Equipment


A five station calcimeter for determination, based on a volumetric method, of carbonate content in soil.

Pipette apparatus

Available as a bench or wall mounted model for determination of particle size distribution of soil. Both models in accordance with NEN5753.

Wet Sieving Apparatus

Aggregate stability is established without the need for expensive drying ovens, chemicals, long waiting periods and expensive balances. The results are determined on the principle that unstable aggregates will break down more easily than stable aggregates when immersed in water.


For measuring saturated permeability (horizontal or vertical) of undisturbed soil samples in sample rings.

Sandbox set for pf determination

Three pF sets, with measuring ranges from pF 0 to 4.2, for determination of moisture-release characteristic (pF-curve) of soil.

Double Ring Infiltrometer

Used to determine the rate of infiltration of water into the soil and so the capacity for irrigation, drainage, determining the intensity of artificial precipitation and the effect of different treatments of the soil.

Soil Research Laboratory Equipment

From the field to the lab our equipment delivers accurate results time and time again

Soil moisture characteristics (pF), aggregate stability, particle size distribution, penetration resistance, water infiltration and permeability, carbonate content, soil colours are all important soil research parameters to monitor the behaviour of pollutions in soil.

Whereas some equipment such as the double ring infiltrometer is constructed for onsite use, mostly this equipment is used in the laboratory.

Unique instruments such as the wet sieving apparatus or the Calcimeter, the only instrument currently capable of performing carbonate content analysis on multiple samples are worth a special mention.

Measuring the Characterisation of Soil