Wet Sieving Apparatus

To determine the aggregate stability of a soil for plant growth. Our Eijkelkamp Wet Sieving Apparatus eliminates the need for expensive drying ovens, chemicals, long waiting periods and expensive balances. So it works on the principle that unstable aggregates will break down more easily than stable aggregates when immersed in water. Used in for plant growth research.

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  • Ease of operation
  • No spoil of samples and results
  • Mechanical and electronic components are built-in for safety
  • The electric motor is a 12/24 Volt DC motor with external adapter, so is very safe in wet conditions
  • Worldwide universal adapter complete with interchangeable mains plugs for use in UK, Europe, USA, Japan and Australia
  • Optional sieve cans with different size meshes are available
  • Determines susceptibility for (splash) erosion
  • Works on principle of simple disturbed samples
  • Grains 1.00-2.00 mm are shaken with water
  • Grains falling apart easily are measured
  • Pre-programmed grain-wash time
  • 8 Inert beakers allow using chemicals

Wet Sieving Apparatus Equipment Options:


  • Soil physical laboratory research
  • Erosion research
  • Soil stability research
  • Research on soil erosion, land degradation/ conservation, salinization, agriculture, sustainable agriculture
  • Determining aggregate stability on the sensitivity of soils to water and wind erosion
  • Tillage improvement programs



For weighing the sample an electronic 320 gram pocket balance, accuracy 0.1 gram.


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