Van Walt Dredge

The Van Walt Dredge is an easy to use surface sampler for river & lake beds. Gives a quick indication of sediment type with a disturbed sample.


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The Van Walt Dredge gives you a disturbed sample of river and lake beds and large sumps. The Van Walt Dredge take a surface sample only, they are suspended by wire so can easily be deployed. Sizes range from 1 to 2.7 litres capacity, they are easy to clean and decontaminate as they are made from stainless steel.

  • Ideal for sampling sand, silt and non-cohesive material
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Quick identification of sample type
  • Made from strong, stainless steel
  • Easily deployed as suspended by wire
  • Can be operated from a bridge, raft or boat
  • Surface sample only
  • Hinged scissor jaws that close when the sampler is lifted
  • Designed for fast deployment & reduced sample loss

Van Walt Dredge Equipment Options:



  • Disturbed sampling from the bottom of a lake, rivers etc



Cable, if required


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