Soil Sampling Accessories

Van Walt offers a series of Soil Sampling Accessories. Everything you need for successful soil sampling and soil research.

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A Frame Extraction System

For the easy extraction of soil samplers and casing tubes

Easy to use
Strong construction
Extracts samplers with small effort
Available as part of a set or independently
Multiple uses

Soil Sampling Accessories Equipment Options:

Geologist Hammers

A Hammer with a Pointed or Blade end for multiple applications in soil classification.

Easy to use
For the rough indication of the hardness of soil or rock
Useful for the removal of fossils, scrapping stones and emptying gouges
Multiple applications

Bent Spatula

Bent Spatulas are for multiple applications in soil analysis. Available in two widths: 16 mm and 20 mm.

Easy to use
Strong & flexible
Multiple applications

Soil Colour Charts

Soil Colour Charts for soil identification against the Munsell standard. Soil colour is classified by comparing a sample with standard colour charts.

Easy to use
Laminated for field use
Munsell Colour Chart (10 or 12 colours including grey)
Also available: Japanese version (English text) 12 colour charts.
251 or 389 colour chips

Auger Carrying Bag

Robust Auger carrying bag, suitable for use as an Auger starter kit, available in two sizes:

Large – 155 cm length
Small – 105 cm length

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