Soil Sample Ring Kits

Eijkelkamp Soil Sample Ring Kits for the collection of undisturbed soil samples. Samples collected in rings of a uniform dimensions for more accurate analysis in the laboratory. Different kits are available so is suitable for very soft to very hard soils.  Samples taken from the surface, in bore holes or in profile pits.

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  • Manufactured of seamless stainless steel tubes
  • Cutting edge at base of the ring
  • Different sets available for different soil types, from very soft to hard soils
  • Low disturbance, samples can be collected from the surface, bore hole or profile pit, above and under the groundwater level
  • Accurately machined stainless steel rings
  • Rings allow for the collection of a very accurate volume of soil
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Soil Sample Ring Kits Equipment Options:


  • Water permeability
  • Air permeability
  • Weight by volume
  • Density
  • Soil-water-air relationship at field capacity
  • Pore distribution
  • Oxygen diffusion
  • pF determination in the lab
  • Laboratory soil density measurements



Soil sample rings
Open ring holder
Closed ring holder
Hammering head with guide cylinder
Core cutter method


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