Sandbox Set for PF Determination

Used in a laboratory the Eijkelkamp Sandbox Set for PF Determination establishes the moisture characteristics of soil. It monitors from pF 0 to pF 4.2.  So is used to measure the quantity of water available in a soil for plants and trees to grow


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  • Full set comprises of 3 elements which will determine the pF curve from pF 0 to pF 4.2
  • Elements of the set available individually
  • Uses undisturbed samples 53 or 60mm (disturbed samples – membrane set)
  • Up to 40 samples allows for comprehensive research and effective averaging
  • Set can be used extensively over a number of years
  • Easy set up with detailed user notes

Sandbox Set for PF Determination Equipment Options:


  • Soil physical laboratory research
  • pF determination in the lab
  • Irrigation research


Complete set for pF determination pF 0 – 4.2 contains
Sandbox (pF 0 – pF 2.0); sand/kaolin box (pF 2.0 – pF 2.7); membrane apparatus (pF 3.0 – pF 4.2); soil sample ring kit; cases with soil sample rings and aluminium soil sample boxes.
Set for pF determination pF 0 – pF 2.0 contains
Sandbox; suction levelling stand; water supply bottle with stand; filter cloth (140 – 150 micron); containers of synthetic sand.
Set for pF determination pF 2.0 – 2.7 contains
Sand/kaolin box; electronic suction level control system with integrated control panel; pressure sensor; containers with synthetic sand, kaolin clay.
Membrane set for pF determination pF 3 – pF 4.2 contains
Pressure membrane, 20 bar compressor; air filter; cellophane membrane; filter cloth; synthetic soil sample retaining rings.


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