Our Permeameter from Eijkelkamp measures the saturated permeability (horizontal or vertical) of soil. Taking undisturbed soil samples in sample rings it establishes the soil’s permeability. Therefore is gives accurate information for irrigation and drainage systems research, well pumping, subsidence investigations, predicting the spread of polluting fluids, soil improvement and maintenance advice.

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  • Measures the saturated permeability of undisturbed soil samples in soil rings
  • Measures the permeability factor gives accurate information for the presence of disturbing soil layers which prevents the quick outflow of precipitation
  • The correlation between permeability and other soil properties such as porosity and granular composition
  • Gives accurate information on the presence of disturbed soil layers which might prevent a speedy outflow of precipitation
  • Establishes the correlation between permeability and other soil properties such as porosity, granular composition etc.
  • Gives vertical and horizontal permeability
  • Can be supplied for 5 to 25 soil sample rings
  • Is available as an open or closed system

Permeameter Equipment Options:


  • Irrigation and drainage systems
  • Well plumbing
  • Subsidence investigation
  • Predictions concerning the spread of polluting fluids
  • Soil imporovement and maintenance advice


Open system
Set-up allows a connection to the mains water supply and drainage into a bowl/container
Closed system
A storage cistern, a circulation pump and a filter are provided. Offers the facility to measure other fluids



Filter cartridge for closed system
Glass burette with stop cock (graduation 1-40ml, length 49cm or 51.5cm)
Plastic syphon
Ring holder for soil sample rings – 53 and 60mm
Double sieve disc for soil sample rings
Filter cloth 140 – 150 micron, dim. 90 x 135cm

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