The Penetrologger is an easy to use, lightweight electronic penetrometer. The instrument stores and processes resistance to penetration measurements and the compaction of a soil. While your data is presented graphically or numerically for accurate processing.

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Using various cones connected to probing rods, the cone is pushed slowly and regularly into the soil. The depth reference plate, which is on the soil surface, reflects the signals of the ultrasonic sensor, which results in a very accurate depth measurement. The depth reference plate is also used to reflect the signals which are used to control the penetration speed. The measured resistance to penetration and the GPS coordinates are stored in the internal logger of the pentrologger.

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Penetrologger Equipment Options:


  • General soil science research
  • Foundations
  • Checking suitability of a soil for agricultural
  • Research into (expected) growing conditions for plants
  • The detection of compacted (possibly impermeable) sub-soil layers
  • Research into poor growing conditions
  • Checking artificially-made compactions
  • Checking the suitability of soils for carrying vehicles or pedestrians



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