No Loss Soil Corer

The No-loss Soil Corer to sample soils for the analysis of very volatile components such as benzene, toluene and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It complies with current regulations and standards

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  • Ideal for taking exact 16 ml samples of soil for testing volatiles
  • Uses the Methanol and Cooling methods
  • Soil is sampled above ground from any regular soil sampler or auger
  • Stainless steel soil coring rings can be used again and again
  • Samples an exact volume of 16 ml (~25 grams)
  • Coring ring not damaged by stones; device can be hammered
  • Corer and rings can be field sterilised with a flame for biological activity samples
  • Takes sample not at, but just below the ambient air exposed surface
  • Easy decontamination of coring rings in dish-washer or with flame
  • Aluminium lined seals prevent sorption and diffusion; no headspace

No Loss Soil Corer Equipment Options:


  • Sampling of volatiles in soil



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