Nitrate Groundwater Sensor

Real-time, continuous groundwater monitoring of nitrates with sensor to desktop data. Developed for everyday use, our Nitrate Sensor is accurate and affordable so ideal for environmental, agricultural and industrial monitoring of groundwater.

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  • Compatible with our vanwaltDataHub Telemetry system
  • An adaptable sensor to ensure you are operating within Nitrate limits
  • Accurate and affordable to measure nitrate nitrogen concentrations
  • Real-time monitoring with data from sensor to desktop
  • Robust sensor designed to withstand rugged outdoor environments
  • Ideal for long-term onsite installations in 50 mm wells
  • Low power consumption for extended time in the field
  • Solar power installation available
  • Optical sensor technology to extend the service interval
  • Periodic cleaning rather than calibration required, so reduces maintenance
  • Continuous monitoring rather than laboratory analysis for more consistent, accurate data

Nitrate Groundwater Sensor Equipment Options:


  • Agricultural studies
  • Leachate monitoring
  • Fertiliser monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Drinking Water monitoring
  • Water Management
  • Research & Development
  • Primary & processing water sectors


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