The Multisampler from Eijkelkamp is a specialised sampler for sludges and sediments. It uses a piston type action to sample so gives good material retention and undisturbed samples. Ideal for visual identification, classification and sub-sampling for environmental and agronomy research

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Suitable for sampling lakes, wetlands, river beds and sludges within a tank. The Multisampler comprises of a transparent acrylic tube with a piston arrangement. It captures samples within the tube which can be visually inspected. The Multisampler can only be used for the top metre of sediment. The cutting head can easily be exchanged with one which contains a check valve to prevent the sample from falling out. The Multisampler can be easily disassembled and apart from the acrylic tube (which can be capped for transport); all remaining parts are stainless steel for easy decontamination.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Fast and clean and accurate mixed samples in one procedure
  • Clear sample tubes to view samples
  • Excellent value for money
  • Open cutting head for undisturbed sample
  • Can change heads to sample less cohesive materials
  • Easy to clean and very strong

Multisampler Equipment Options:



  • Sampling of wet, solid and fluid material
  • Sediment sampling



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