Groundwater Sampling Tubing

Groundwater sampling demands the highest standards in tubing quality because the contamination potential is significant.

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For groundwater sampling the tubing quality is even more important when using with a dedicated pump as your sample quality will depend on robust, leak tight connections for the duration of the sampling period. Van Walt’s specialist tubing is:

  • Hallmarked
  • Carries our QA plus stamp of purity and cleanliness
  • Available in a variety of sizes and roll lengths
  • Ideal for sampling for trace metal; Hydro-carbons; Volatiles and Macro-parameters analysis.
  • Hydro-carbon resistant to protect your samples’ integrity while making system installation and operation easier and more economical

Groundwater Sampling Tubing Equipment Options:


Polyethylene Tubing – 4x6mm, 100m roll
Polyethylene Tubing – 6x8mm, 100m roll
Polyethylene Tubing – 6x8mm, 200m roll
Polyethylene Tubing – 8x10mm, 100m roll
Polyethylene Tubing – 10x12mm, 75m roll
Polyethylene Tubing – 12x16mm, 50m roll
Polyethylene Tubing – 12x16mm, 100m roll
Polyethylene Tubing – 16x20mm, 50m roll
Silicone Tubing – 4x8mm,5m roll
Silicone Tubing – 6x10mm, 5m roll
HPSIL – Pack of 3 x 1 m lengths with clip, suitable for vanwaltHEX-Pump
Bonded Polyethylene Tubing – R77050521, sold in 5 m increments, suitable for 42 mm Bladder Pump


Technical Specifications
LDPE Polyethylene Tubing sizes
12.20.03, 4x6mm
12.20.04, 6x8mm
12.20.05, 6x8mm
12.20.08, 8x10mm
12.20.13, 10x12mm
12.20.16, 12x16mm
12.20.17, 12x16mm
12.20.20, 16x20mm
LDPE Polyethylene Roll lengths
4x6mm: 100m roll
6x8mm: 100m roll, 200m roll
8x10mm: 100m roll
10x12mm: 75m roll
12x16mm: 50m roll, 100m roll
16x20mm: 50m roll
Silicone tubing sizes
4 x 8mm
Silicon Tubing Roll lengths
4x8mm: 5m roll
6x10mm: 5m roll
All tubing resists heat
< 70°C
Silicon tubing: < 120°C
Bonded Polyethylene Tubing
R77050521, sold in 5 m increments, suitable for 42 mm Bladder Pump


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